Critical Acclaim


“Gathering Israel is loaded with interesting stories and experiences that are full of heart and reveal lovely stories of conversion.”

T.C. Christensen – Writer, Director, Producer

(The Cokeville Miracle, Ephraim’s Rescue, 17 Miracles)

“Thanks, John and Michael! I pray for your message to reach those who have ears to hear.”

Billy Dean – Award Winning Country Music Singer & Songwriter

(Billy The Kid, Somewhere In My Broken Heart, Let Them Be Little)

“Readers of Gathering Israel will be delighted to read this well written narrative about Michael and John. Their separate and unrelated journeys eventually lead each to embrace membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and then come together to form a strong friendship. I found this to be a wonderful and honest account of two remarkable individuals.”

Craig Linford – Father of 7, Grandfather of 12

“Gathering Israel is an insight into the details of how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is designed to exalt the human family. The experiences of these two men brought to mind the importance of the revelation from God that I have received in my own life. It is their testimony that God our Father loves us. He will do all that we can accept to give us joy and happiness in this life and the life to come.”

Wayne Budge – Father of 7, Grandfather of 23

“This book is a mesmerizing story of hope and faith. A journey that people of all faiths will want to read. I need six copies to give to my kids.”

Mary D. – Mother of 4, Grandmother of 6

“I have attended several of Michael’s firesides and each is a unique experience where I learned something new and felt the Spirit of the Lord.”

Amos Abplanalp – Father of 5

“We are all on our own journey through life, each struggling to find our way. Reading about John and Michael’s journey and seeing God’s hand in their lives, helped me to recognize God’s hand in my life. Their story about faith in God and friendship is heartwarming and inspiring.”

Kristy F. – Mother of 4  

“In the Gathering Israel book, I see Moroni’s prophesy being fulfilled that the Book of Mormon shall come forth to convince the Jews and the Gentiles that Jesus is the Christ.”

Ron Mann – Father of 9, Grandfather of 43

What Readers Are Saying 


“I loved this book and couldn’t put it down!”

“I’ve never read a book quite like this”

“I enjoyed it very much!”

“A must read for missionaries of all ages and everyone else.”

“I laughed, I cried, I felt the Spirit throughout….I love this book!