This book, Gathering Israel, captures a small part of a global religious movement. From its perspective, we gain an appreciation for the miracle that is the gathering of God’s covenant people. It is the story of two individuals, Michael Morton and John Wudel, who come from two very different spiritual backgrounds. Michael grew up as a Jew, while John grew up as a Methodist. Both men loved the religions of their youth, but they both felt something was missing.

As time goes on, they end up searching for the same answers. They sense that what is absent from their lives is a fuller truth that can lead them to their own spiritual salvation.

Their search takes them along two very different paths, but eventually they meet and find that both have come to the same conclusions. Both have discovered that the complete truth of God’s Plan is on the earth and if you want to find it badly enough, God will show you His truths when you are ready to accept them.

Michael and John have filled their book with personal stories and humor as their testimony that Heavenly Father loves each one of us, no matter who we are, or what our circumstances. Gathering Israel celebrates the miracle of the spiritual and literal gathering of the Twelve Tribes of Israel in this, the Last Dispensation. Get the book.